Ghost Writing Services in India - Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai etc

Why I ghost write?

I wrote extensively during my college days and before I graduated, I had published three books already. After college, I ventured more into business but at the same time, I had no intention to lose touch with writing. This was one of the prime reasons I started ghost writing in Delhi.

What kind of projects I have worked for?

As a Ghost Writer in Delhi - while most of my work was fiction and I still ghost write fiction, I also got opportunities to work for a variety of non-fiction projects from different industries, some of them heavily technical. Being an engineer in these cases helped a lot as we are not really afraid of foreign subjects and I could sail through them smoothly even if it required heavy research. I have successfully implemented my writing techniques, knowledge, strategies and skills to complete delicate writing projects on tight deadlines.

My writing style?

I can adapt to different writing styles, depending on the situation and the nature of work. In fact, this is one of the prime initial steps that I take before commencing the project - that is to analyse the pattern of communication of client to adapt it in my writing. But at the same time, it is not always required (Again, depends on nature of project). Personally, I like to write in a simple manner but at the same time I can easily adapt to required writing styles and can introduce wit, beautification, thrill or any other desired element in writing.

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Why I like doing it?

If you have published a book with your own name before, it is heartbreaking to ghost write. But I still have many good reasons to do it. To begin with, I like to create; and creating a book is a beautiful journey - even if it is someone else’s book.

More than that, there is so much of learning. As a ghost writer in Delhi, I have been able to work with top notch leaders of various industries at a very young age. Ideally, one would get to work with them and learn from them only when he/she would reach a very senior position in a company. When I ghost write, I am introduced to them directly and there is a massive scope of learning at both personal and professional level. I have learnt valuable things from each of my client and these learnings are the biggest rewards.

How I do it?

Every project I sign, I take it very seriously and honor my commitments. I have known a lot of people who want to write a book but are unable to do so because they lack strategy and guidance. I work in a methodical way and have a solid plan in place.

What I am looking for now?

New exciting opportunities, innovative ideas and interesting people to work with. As simple as that.

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